The guys from the Zzymzzy Quartet have simple ambitions: they just want to play it like it was when it was unamplified, melodic, swinging, dreamy, full of sly surprise. From the Prohibition through the Second Big War, the glory days of Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington are being recaptured humbly and with humor in San Diego by four musicians who know it don’t mean a thing without that swing. The band takes its name from a hypothetical “last word” in the dictionary: thus, their tagline, “The Last Word in Gypsy Swing.”  The “Gypsy” sound is heard in much of the guitar work, heavily influenced by the stylings of French Gypsy jazz legend Django Reinhardt, but the group also pays tribute to the Swing Era with classic standards and idiomatic originals.  Later in 2017, ART HURTS Records will release a new CD, Petite Fleur, with this full sextet.


Beston Barnett – guitar, vocals

Matt Gill – clarinet

Paul Hormick – bass

Pete Miesner – guitar, lead vocals

Additional Line-up for SDBLX:

Toby Ahrens – drums

Billy Hawkins – trombone


The Mad Hat hucksters are a local San Diego Band playing swing music in the style of late 1930s jazz. The group’s sound is been influenced by greats like Sidney Bechet, Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Clarence Williams, Slim Gaillard and Benny Goodman. They have performed at The Firehouse Swing Dance, The Hep Spot, Tio Leo’s, and other local venues and made their first appearance at the San Diego Jazz Festival in 2016.   The group is currently working toward crowd-funding for recording an album later in 2017.


Morgan Day – bandleader, washboard, vocals

Anthony Marca – rhythm guitar

Lindy Edwards – tenor sax, vocals

Nightshade Navarro – clarinet, soprano sax

Bob Andersen – trombone

Michael Till – electric guitar

Jeremy Eikam – bass

Manouche Five

Manouche Five is a San Diego Gypsy Jazz quintet playing tribute to Django Reinhardt and other swing icons of the 1930-40’s golden jazz era. The music can be recognized by its dark, swinging, chromatic melodies and improvisations accompanied by percussive rhythm guitar in lieu of drums. Manouche Five blends jazz, Latin, and traditional French influences into a uniquely distinct sound. The band is comprised of Clément Sanchez, guitar/vocals; Jim Anderson, guitar; Carlos Foster, guitar; Stefanie Schmitz, clarinet; and Joe Wexler, bass. Their newest CD can be heard and purchased at Stay in touch on social media or at

Jonathan Stout’s Grand Slam Sextet

Grand Slam Sextet was created in response response to promoters desire for an additional “flavor” of the Campus Five. Thus, we created a new band featuring the unique and magical combination of Clarinet, and Vibraphone. Inspired by the sound and spirit of the Benny Goodman Sextet, along with Benny’s Trios and Quartets. Thus the Grand Slam Sextet features the iconic front line of Clarinet, Vibraphone and Electric Guitar, backed by the rock solid Campus Five rhythm section.

Just like our other bands, the Grand Slam Sextet features arrangements made specifically for Balboa and Lindy Hop, because we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Echoes of Benny, Lionel Hampton and Charlie Christian will fill your ears, and rhythm with move your feet.